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Brown Trout

While the Gore District has many claims to fame, its most significant is being the Brown Trout Fishing Capital of the World. We are proud of this remarkable claim, as you can tell by the iconic towering brown trout statue that welcomes you on your arrival into Gore.

Anglers from around the country and the world come to the Gore District to fish in the waters of the Mataura River, its inlets and streams, hoping to land a trophy brown trout.

The river, and the valley it sits within, has a long history of providing kai (food) for local Māori and settlers, something we call mahinga kai, which is both for providing food sources and protecting them.

The Gore District is renowned as the ultimate destination for trout dry fly fishing. It’s an opportunity not to be missed by an avid angler.

Local fishing guides can introduce you to their secret fishing spots, or visitors can head out and try their luck on their own. Whether you prefer a secluded spot on the bank, or a quiet inlet or estuary, there are many secret spots yet to be discovered over the many kilometres of rich fishing waters.

Introduced Species

Native to Europe, the first brown trout released in the Mataura River catchment was in 1869 in the Otamita Stream.

Due to minimal predators, the brown trout thrived in the Mataura and other Southland rivers. There have been no recorded releases into the Mataura River since the 1950s, a testament to the species becoming self-sustaining.

Tales and boastful imagery of the ones that didn’t get away have featured in worldwide publications, giving momentum to the Mataura River’s reputation as a global trout fishing destination.

The sight of trout rising for the mayfly, combined with the challenge and excitement that fishing the rise provides, cemented the Mataura River as one of the best brown trout fishing rivers in the world.

Whether you are an experienced angler or new to fly fishing, try your luck and become part of the story.

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