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Dolamore Park

One of Gore’s most exquisite and expansive natural attractions – Dolamore Park encompasses 95 hectares of native podocarp forest, complete with sprawling green areas and a range of exotic plantings encased by heritage-style stone wall terracing.

It is one of Gore’s most idyllic spots to walk, camp and explore.

Located just 11 kilometres from Gore in the famed Hokonui Hills, Dolamore Park is at the south-west end of the Croydon Bush Scenic Reserve. There's something on offer for all members of the community and visitors alike.

Dolamore Park was established in 1940 following the Gore Borough Council’s purchase of land to create a public picnic area. This area also provided access into the adjacent Croydon Bush Scenic Reserve in order to maintain it as a wildlife sanctuary.

In 1947, the Dolamore family made a substantial donation to the borough council of £38,000 to ensure the development of the picnic area and facilities was possible, and with that the park was named in their honour.

Over the years, the park has continued to be the perfect spot for a family day out with lush green surroundings, a creek to explore and BBQs. It is also a popular camping spot.

Camping and accommodation options

  • 22 powered site
  • Unlimited tent site on grassed areas
  • Kitchen and showers
  • Electric BBQs
  • Fees - $10 per adult per night, $2 per child and under 5’s free

Fees are payable at the park's kitchen.

A playground for all the family

Children and adults alike won’t be bored here – an excellent playground awaits that includes slides, swings, jungle gyms and a rope climbing wall. For those game enough, a flying fox is awaiting those looking for a dose of adventure too!

Glow worms

For those staying the night at the park, there are many delights here to enjoy after the sun is down. Those who take a brief walk at night along the Dolamore Loop Track will see glow worms lighting their way, while in the morning, native birds create a soft chorus.

Flora and fauna

Like many park areas in Gore, Dolamore Park has its fair share of beauty in the form of rhododendrons, best seen throughout Spring when they are in bloom. The Ian Gilchrist conifer collection and Bert Newman arboretum are also assets to this grand and interesting park.

To read about Dolamore Park's extensive walking trails, visit here.

Disc Golf Course

If you want to try something different, Dolamore Park has our only disc golf course . It's a great way to wander around the park while testing your skills with a frisbee. Get a few friends together to add a competitive element.

For those unfamiliar with disc golf, it is played much like traditional golf. Instead of a ball and clubs, however, players use a flying disc, or Frisbee® The sport was formalized in the 1970's, and shares with "ball golf" the object of completing each hole in the fewest number of strokes (or, in the case of disc golf, fewest number of throws).

A golf disc is thrown from a tee area to a target which is the "hole". The hole can be one of a number of disc golf targets; the most common is called a Pole Hole® - an elevated metal basket. As a player progresses down the fairway, he or she must make each consecutive shot from the spot where the previous throw has landed.

The park's trees and shrubs in and around the fairways provide challenging obstacles for the golfer. Finally, the "putt" lands in the basket and the hole is completed.

Disc golf shares the same joys and frustrations of traditional golf, whether it's sinking a long putt or hitting a tree halfway down the fairway.

Here's a map of the course.

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