Tussock Country 2021

Gore's traditional country music celebration at Queens Birthday weekend are set to go up another notch, as familiar and new events are brought together in a new national Tussock Country Music Festival

The national Tussock Country, New Zealand's Country Music festival will run for nine days from 29 May to 6 June 2021. There'll be vibrant, toe-tapping events for visitors to enjoy. the festival incorporates all events that have been part of the NZ Gold Guitars weekend, and additional country music events. 

The festival will be a gathering place for New Zealand's country music talent where the breadth of country music genres can be celebrated. 

Tussock Country will offer a feast of country music delights for country music enthusiasts, including the opportunity to compete for the MLT NZ Gold Guitar, join in the Freeze Ya Bits Off Busking, performance workshops and professional concerts, alongside an array of other engaging events. 

Tussock Country New Zealand' Country Music festival represents a new energising, inspiring era for the national country music scene.