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Hamilton Park Bike Trail

Whether you're out for a cruisy family ride or want to up your skills so you can tackle harder trails with confidence, the mountain bike trails at Hamilton Park have something for everyone.

Enjoy cycling on the shared walking and cycling path (Green, Grade 1 beginner) around the outside of Hamilton Park. Or mix it up with some of the short trails in the trees over by the Waikaka Stream. There are four trails (Grade 2 and 3) with a variety of features on which you can hone your skills.

All difficult trail features have ride around options or bypass lines, and are family friendly.

If the kids are after more fun, there's a BMX track at the park as well.

Trail Details

Trail name

Trail grade number & colour


Average time (bike)

Trail description

Gravel Submarine



Grade 2


4 min

A short, flowing cross country trail for everyone. Well-formed and surfaced track with easy berms. Rideable all year round.

While the trail was under construction the stockpile of gravel was washed away and much of the trail was underwater in the February 2020 floods. This led to the name, Gravel Submarine.

Ham-berm- ger

Light blue


Grade 3


2 min

A short all-weather loop off Gravel Submarine featuring berms, rollers and elevated turns. Great for progressing skills or for something different.

Halfway around there is a steep roll feature into a left hand berm. There is a B-line (a by-pass trail) that branches off to the right that goes around this feature.

Combine Hamilton Park, Berms and Hamburgers and you get Ham-berm-ger.

Pinball (Skills trail)



Grade 2


2 min

A short easy trail with optional, more-difficult trail features, like jumps, progression drops, see-saws and skinnies.

It is designed so riders can learn and practice skills that are useful for riding other mountain bike trails.

Start small and work your way up to larger features.

All features are optional. Some larger features are not rollable on smaller kids bikes.

Note: The Charlie Brown trail crosses this trail. Give way to other riders.

Charlie Brown

Light blue


Grade 3


5 min

A natural singletrack trail twisting through the trees. Connects back onto Gravel Submarine which makes a fun cross country loop.

The trail includes a rollable jump between two forks of a tree and a gap jump (non-rollable) over another trail. Remember to check for traffic on the other trail.

All features include bypasses.

The surface is clay based and rides better in the dry.

A kite tangled up in the trees, which reminded the trail builders of Charlie Brown’s kite eating tree, and the name stuck.

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