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By: SBS St James Theatre & Primarily Dance Presents
16-Jun-2021, 7:00 PM To
16-Jun-2021, 10:00 PM
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Event Details

Grooves! is an electric mix of classical ballet, jazz in pointe shoes, and contemporary dance set to the Rock music you love.
Performed by six of Aotearoa New Zealand’s best professional dancers Grooves! has everything from traditional tutus to sequins. Grooves! is designed to entertain and excite everyone.

A taste of traditional ballet with The Dying Swan danced by ballerina Laura Saxon Jones and a snippet from the ballet Les Sylphides.
The moving intergenerational duet Smile Lines choreographed by RNZB Choreographer in Residence, Loughlan Prior, will pull on your heartstrings in all the right ways.
We then present a number of original contemporary ballet vignettes danced to classic rock songs mixing the familiar with the new allowing audiences to connect their own stories to the pieces. Moving from one song to the next allows the audience to remain fascinated by the dance and even the youngest patrons are inspired by what could come next.
Grooves! will welcome local talent onto the stage to perform alongside the professional dancers in several numbers giving them the opportunity to see the potential of a career in dance.

Grooves! bursts with personality and entertainment allowing even the most novice dance audience members to feel connected, inspired, and moved.
Grooves! is the ballet you have been waiting for.