Gore is the gateway to the south, readily accessible by main highways from Dunedin, Invercargill, Te Anau, Queenstown and Alexandra.
2 hours to snow skiing, trout fishing, sea fishing, adventure capital of NZ, Fiordland National Park, vintage aircraft restoration, premier wine growing areas. 


Gore is a district covering some 1,250 km² with a population of approximately 12,250. It encompasses the towns of Gore, Mataura and Waikaka and extends to Arthurton in the east, Waitane in the west, north to Mount Wendon and as far south as Waiarakiki.

Stunning landscapes make Gore a perfect destination to come and take a break for a while and enjoy the wonderment of this special place. Our climate, soils and light combine to create a richness and brilliance in the colours of many plants which thrive in our conditions. Peony roses, rhododendrons, roses, magnolias and bulbs all relish in the southern conditions and produce quality top class displays not found in other areas of New Zealand.

Our heritage has helped shape the attitudes and traits of the people of the area. It has developed us into friendly, outgoing people, eager to share warm hospitality with visitors. With a vast array of accommodation, restaurants, bars and activities on offer, it is time that you came and enjoyed some of our southern hospitality. 


Altitude and soil type are variable but the climate is generally moist, with the annual rainfall from 750mm to 1,000mm to as low as 500mm in the drier north. Temperatures are usually moderate to mild with Gore’s January mean daily maximum being 20° C.


In New Zealand, cars are right-hand drive and travel on the left hand side of the road. The open road speed limit is 100kph reducing to 50kph in built up areas. Speed, hazard and directional signs are prominent.
Gore's rural location means visitors are more likely to come across gravel roads in the outlying farming areas. Caution is required when driving on gravel roads and speeds need to be adjusted to suit the conditions. Extra care is needed as visibility is reduced by dust thrown up from vehicles in front. Many small towns in the region do not have petrol stations, so fill your vehicle before visiting more remote areas.

Driving times and distances from Gore:

Gore to Invercargill        66km     0.55hr    via SH1 south
Gore to Dunedin           151km    2.15hr    via SH1 north
Gore to Queenstown    169km    2.35hr    via SH94
Gore to Te Anau           139km    2.00hr    via SH94

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