Gore Health

Gore Hospital is an impressive, 20 bed primary care health facility that provides in and out patient services.
It is located in a quiet cul-de-sac in Birch Lane and allows easy access to health services.

Services available include in-patient medical, maternity and assessment treatment and rehabilitation of the elderly. A 24 hour emergency department provides stabilisation and treatment of accidents and emergencies and is supported by an x-ray department. Support services include occupational therapy, social work services, speech language therapy, needs assessment, physiotherapy, laboratory, district nursing and meals on wheels.

A range of visiting consultants provide specialist clinics on a regular basis. Funded clinics include medical, respiratory, gynaecology, oncology, orthopaedic, paediatric, audiology, surgical and ophthalmology. To augment these specialities dietary, asthma, diabetic education and STD clinics are provided by qualified staff. In addition, Gore Hospital is able to offer a variety of visiting private services expanding the range to include cardiology, diabetic, retinal eye screening, audiometry and cardiac exercise test monitoring, natural fertility and ear care.

A community wellness programme runs from the hospital. This includes a wide range of clinics and seminars, changing on a monthly basis.

Mental health is provided from Gore Hospital by the Southland District Health Board. The Community Mental Health service is supported by a team of health professionals ranging from psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, Maori health workers to specialist nursing staff.

Other Services

Gore has a medical centre within a block of the Gore Hospital facility, housing general practitioners in private practice. Mataura also has a general practitioner service. In the same vicinity as the Gore Medical Centre there are Plunket rooms.

There are also several dental practices in Gore and other health services, such as breast screening, visit the district on a regular basis.