Gore is a district covering some 1,250 km² with a population of 12,250

It encompasses the towns of Gore, Mataura, and Waikaka and extends to Arthurton in the east, Waitane in the west, north to Mount Wendon and as far south as Waiarakiki.

Climate, altitude and soil type are variable but the climate is generally moist, with the annual rainfall from 750mm to 1,000mm to as low as 500mm in the drier north. Temperatures are usually moderate to mild with Gore’s January mean daily maximum being 20° C.

Today farming, rural services, forestry, meat, MDF and tourism are the district’s major industries. Many other innovative and unique businesses flourish including floriculture and vintage aircraft restoration.

The Gore District Council’s vision is to:

“provide an environment that allows people to enjoy the lifestyle and culture of their choice"

and our mission is to achieve our vision by:

“ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations, encourage participation by the people, & provide an efficient quality service & facilities that meet the affordable needs & aspirations of the people."