The Gore District’s economic well-being is linked to the economic performance of the primary agricultural sector.

This sector is now performing well and commodity prices are currently strong and this is benefitting the wider community.


Intensive pastoral farming is likely to remain the dominant form of business activity in the district. Dairying and forestry will have an increasing impact on the rural landscape as land owners continue to diversify.
The potential for the continued development of other secondary industries within the district exists and the Gore District Council acknowledges that these will have a large influence in the future. The service industries would appear to have the greatest potential for growth, both in economic and employment terms. This trend may accelerate as demographic projections indicate an ageing population.

Chamber of Commerce
The Eastern Southland Chamber of Commerce is a body of business and professional people, who range from major corporations to small, medium enterprises to sole traders. We’re all working together in the interests of trade, industry, commerce and the general community to make Gore and the province of Southland a better place to do business. It represents the people who are concerned about improving and promoting business in Eastern Southland.

For more information or for a helping hand in getting started in business in Gore, contact the Chamber of Commerce:



Go Retail

The goal of Go Retail is to make Gore New Zealand's most commercially resilient provincial town.

Local businesses, propoerty owners and the Gore District Council are working together to make sure Gore has a strong CBD and is a great place to do business.

One initiative is the Love Gore Shop Local campaign.



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